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World of Boutique Wines exports high quality wines from more than 40 different German boutique vintners worldwide. In our selection we offer wines from Ahr, Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Rheinhessen - feel free to take a further look at our vintners in each wine region. The vintners we represent all follow very high quality, environmental and ethic standards. Most of our vintners are small to medium sized family companies. We sell individual wines for those consumers appreciating a special bottle of wine, while all offering very good vallue for money. In our portfolio you find some of the world's finest Rieslings, elegant pinot noirs, pinot gris and pinot blancs, German grape varieties such as Müller-Thurgau, Gewürztraminer, Regent and Bacchus, as well as international grape varieties.

Regularly we make country visits throughout the world to present our wines to importers, distributers and retailers. In case you are interested to get to know our wines, do not hesitate to contact us. We will do our best to introduce our wines to you in a visit or to send you some samples. Unfortunately, currently we cannot sell wines to end consumers outside of Germany, but only to officially registered importers.

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The vintners of World of Boutique Wines

Vineyard Bretz

top quality wines at unbeatable prices

The vineyard Bretz is the perfect choice for a restaurant's house wine. They have a large selection of excellent, yet affordable wines, including litre wines. It is with good reason that this vineyard was awarded best vineyard in Germany by the wine magazine 'Selection' in 2015.

Vineyard Gehrig

the special wine for every occasion

The Gehrig vineyard in the Pfalz offers a large variety of excellent red and white wines. Here you find some of the worlds best sweet red table wines, as well as great Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Sauvignon Blanc.

Vineyard Georg Siben Erben (VDP)

top Riesling Grand Crus from the Pfalz

Andreas Siben produces outstanding Rieslings in his historic vineyard. He is able to choose from seven different Grand Cru vineyards on the bottom of the famous Hardt mountain. The wines are characterised by intense flavours, richness and a lot of depth.

Vineyard Gerharz-Hochthurn

great wines for very fair prices

The Gerharz-Hochthurn vineyard in Rheinhessen offers very good wines in different stiles and from many different grape varieties. Here you find Rieslings, Pinot Noirs and other wines at very fair prices.

Vineyard Gut Hermannsberg (VDP)

first-class Grand Cru from the Nahe

Gut Hermannsberg is an outstanding vineyard producing numerous world-class Rieslings with very different characteristics. The vineyard profits from unique vineyards with varying soils. Plenty of time is given to each plant and each wine on the vineyard and in the cellar. All vineyards of the estate are classified as VDP Großes Gewächs (Grand Cru) sites.

Vineyard Heymann-Löwenstein (VDP)

world class Grand Cru Rieslings

In this vineyard you find some of the best German Grand Cru Rieslings. The vines grow on extremely steep slate slopes. The resulting Rieslings are of amazing depth, density and elegance.

Vineyard Peter Jostock

excellent Rieslings and white wines

The Jostock family offers great Mosel white wines at a very good value. Especially the Rieslings, but also the Chardonnay and the Pinot Gris have many fans amongst Germany's wine consumers. All wines profit from slate soils, sunny days and the climate.

Vineyard Albert Kallfelz

outstanding Rieslings from the Mosel for good value

Every year the Kallfelz vineyard at the Mosel produces some of the world's best Rieslings. Whether the "basic" Gutswein, a Hochgewächs or a Late Harvest, all wines have a very intense minerality, while being light, refreshing and fruity.

Vineyard Kreuzberg (VDP)

premium Pinot Noir wines from the Ahr valley

This vineyard is one of the best red wine producers in Germany. The speciality of the Kreuzberg vineyard are its outstanding Pinot Noir wines, which do not shy away from any comparison with the best wines from Burgundy, New Zealand and California.

Vineyard Pfeffingen (VDP)

diverse assortment of premium wines from the Pfalz

This leading German winery produces outstanding wines from Riesling, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc and Scheurebe grapes. Terra Rossa and other rare types of soil make these wines unique for Europe and result in a very large variety of wines. The wines are full of character, and have a fine fruitiness and minerality.

Vineyard Dr. Wagner (VDP)

exceptional Rieslings from the Mosel

This distinguished vineyard in the southern region of 'Obermosel' produces premium Rieslings. The wines are fresh, full of character, and very well balanced. They have a light acidity, with a pleasant minerality and relatively low alcohol levels.

Vineyard Weinzimmer

the insider's tip for outstanding white and red wines

Weinzimmer offers a large selection of exceptional wines. A high standard of quality is of upmost importance to the Zimmer family. They also place a lot of value on handling the grapes in an as environmentally-friendly and natural way as possible.

Saar Mosel Winzersekt (SMW)

sensational sparkling wines from the Mosel

Saar Mosel Winzersekt is dedicated to producing outstanding sparkling wines from the Mosel region. Their Riesling and Pinot sparkling wines can easily compete with the best from Champagne, while being sold at a very different price tag.

Vineyard Wegeler (VDP)

exceptional Rieslings from the best terroirs

Wegeler wines have been some of the most famous and popular German wines for centuries and remain so today. His "Großes Gewächs Bernkasteller Doctor" is undoubted one of the world's most prestigious wines. Here you find premium wines for the ambitious customers.

Vineyard Zwölberich

organic wines of international standing

This vineyard has been named best international organic vineyard in 2014. In addition to outstanding wines, Zwölberich also produces  premium grape juices and alcohol free seccos, the perfect food partners for all those who do not drink alcohol.

Vineyard Wilker

powerful red wines and classy white Burgundies

Wilker produces excellent wines from a large range of grapes and in different styles. Whether a good white wine or a premium red, here you can discover the diversity of German winemaking in top quality.