Wines from the Ahr valley

The Ahr valley is one of the most northern wine regions of the world and rather cool. Nearly all of the wines produced here are red wines. Pinot Noir plays the major role, followed by its early ripening brother 'Frühburgunder'. Ahr vintners prioritise quality over quantity and produce wines that can easily compete with wines from Burgundy. Already the romans planted wines on the steep slate slopes. The hard work of the vintners pays off: the Ahr red wines are known beyond Germany's borders as elegant yet powerful red wines, full of character and with velvety tannins. World of Boutique Wines exports wines from one of the top vintners of the Ahr valley: Kreuzberg (VDP).

Here you find more information about wines from the Ahr valley.

Vineyard Kreuzberg (VDP)

premium Pinot Noir wines from the Ahr valley

Since its founding 50 years ago, this vineyard has made it to the top of Germany's red wine producers. The speciality of the Kreuzberg vineyard are its outstanding Pinot Noir wines, which do not shy away from any comparison with the best wines from Burgundy, New Zealand and California. Kreuzberg is member of the VDP.

The vineyard was founded by the Kreuzberg family in 1953, making it a rather young vineyard. However, the wines from Ludwig Kreuzberg and Frank Josten already stand at the top of Germany’s red wines, wining numerous awards. Kreuzberg wines are elegant yet powerful wines, which have a nice harmony of fruity and earthy aromas, the typical Ahr minerality and a smooth acidity.

Most vines grow on steep and very steep slopes, filled with Devonian and blue slate rocks. The winery owns a number of super premium terroirs, such as Pfarrwingert, Hardtberg, Marienthal, Trotzenberg, Rosenthal, Silberberg, Schieferlay and Sonnenberg. The vintners ensure wines are produced in harmony with nature, for example by vegetating the space between the vines and therefore reducing the use of fertilisers and pesticides.

Wines are harvested with extremely low yields, in some years as low as 35 hl/ha, which results in very complex and concentrated wines. Most red wines are in French Barrique casks, ensuring powerful, yet elegant wines with smooth tannins. The most important grape variety for the Kreuzberg vineyard is Pinot Noir, followed by its early-ripening brother ‘Frühburgunder’.

Wines from Kreuzberg


Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir) 'Lifestyle Collection'


The nearly white wine from red Pinot Noir grapes is a very pleasant, light, and refreshing wine for the terrace, the pool or to accompany light meals. This fruit-driven wine has pleasant flavours of stone fruit, such as peach and a hint of nuts. The wine works very well with Asian cuisine, such as wok and curries, as well as fish, seafood, poultry and pork dishes.


Rosé (Pinot Noir) 'Lifestyle Collection'


This rosé from Pinot Noir grapes is fresh and fruity. It has aromas of raspberries, strawberries and herbs. The wine is ideal as an aperitif, by pool and terrace, and is a good partner of starters, fish and seafood dishes.


Pinot Blanc 'Lifestyle Collection'


This light, refreshing and pleasant white wine has a nice fruitiness, smooth acidity and a hint of residual sugar. It has bloomy and fruity flavours, with stone fruit aromas. On the palate, pears and melon dominate, with a hint of lemon balm. The wine is a very good partner to salads, vegetable dishes, light starters as well as fish dishes.

Pinot Noir


This excellent Pinot Noir is a soft, very well balanced wine with a medium body and smooth acidity. The wine has a bloomy aroma of red berries and cherries, tender spices and slight floral notes. It has been produced with traditional method and aged for six months in ‘Fuder’, large wooden casks. The wine works well with elegant red meat dishes, as well as Asian cuisine.


Pinot Noir 'unplugged'


This premium Pinot Noir is multifaceted, complex and very exquisite, with a long finale. For this wine, only grapes from Kreuzberg’s best steep vineyards are selected. It has the typical minerality of Ahr red wines, with flavours of ripe red berries, vanilla and spices. The wine has been aged for 10 months in wooden casks. The wine is a good partner for premium cut beef, lamb and pork dishes with elegant sauces.


Pinot Noir Devonschiefer


This Pinot Noir is a powerful and complex red wine, with intense but soft tannins. It has aromas of dark red fruits and spices with floral and smoky notes. This wine is made from selected grapes of the best Kreuzberg vineyards, some of which are declared Grand Cru vineyards. The wine has been aged in small French Barrique casks. The wine works very well with lamb, roast dishes, and cheese platters.


Frühburgunder C


This fine, fruity and medium-bodied red wine is made of Frühburgunder grapes. This is the little brother of the Pinot Noir, with early ripening grapes. The wine has aromas of fresh red berries, and soft tannins. The wine is a good partner for poultry and pork dishes with light sauces.



Pinot Noir Großes Gewächs Schieferlay


This outstanding Pinot Noir is comparable to Burgundy Grand Crus. It is a powerful, yet elegant wine, with very soft tannins and a long, inspiring finish. The wine has captivating aromas of red berries, herbs and blossoms. The wine is produced following traditional methods, ensuring very expressive and natural wine. It ages 17 months in French Barriques. The wine is a very good partner to premium cut meats, roasts and other powerful meat dishes.

The vineyard of Kreuzberg is based in Dernau, one of the prettiest villages in the Ahr valley (see map below).

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