About World of Boutique Wines

World of Boutique Wines is your partner for German quality wines. We export more than 300 wines from fourty leading German vintners. All of the vintners have won national and international wine awards. Our wines come from the top German wine regions: Ahr, Mosel, Nahe, Pfalz and Rheinhessen. Currently we are looking worldwide for new partners who are interested in exporting our wines. Many wines are produced from vintners who are members of the VDP (in the menu on the left you find more informaiton about the VDP).

In our selection of wines, you find basic to premium red wines, white wines, rosés and sparkling wines. All our wines are at least Qualitätswein (quality wine, comparable to AOC in France) or Prädikatsweine (late harvest, special selection wines, Eiswein etc.). The most important grape variety in our portfolio is Riesling. We also sell world class Pinot Noirs, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot and typical German grape varieties. In our selection you find dry, off-dry, off-sweet, sweet and lucious wines.

The company name "boutique wines" refer to high quality wines from smaller vineyards, produced with a lot of craftsmanship. Other than industrial and mass market wines, boutique wines are individual wines - every boutique wine has its own distinct flavour. While nearly all New World wines and most wines from France, Spain and Italy come from huge wine factories, small to medium sized vineyards dominate in Germany. 

In each of our boutique wines you taste the passion and dedication of the vintner. You taste the impact of the environment, the climate and the terroir on the wine. And you can taste the history of the vineyard and the long tradition of wine making. Not the least, all our vineyards have received national and international awards for the quality of their wines. The mission of World of Boutique Wines GmbH is to present these unknown but world class wines to a wider audience and help our vineyards to export their wines to the world's markets.

Our vintner know every parcel of land, every wine, every cask and every staff member inside out. They carefully monitor the development of the grapes on the vineyard and the wines in the cellar. Most of our vineyards are small to medium sized, run by family members for many generations. The Graf von Kanitz vineyard exist since the 13th century. Laible is a vintner in the 13th generation.

Each wine receives the full dedication and devotion of the vintner and his team. Grapes are carefully selected, to ensure that only healthy and ripe grapes are used for the wines. In most vineyards, the entire harvest is done by hand. Our vintners keep yields low, which guarantees high concentration of flavours in each grape.

Very important for our boutique wines is the full respect of the environment. All of our vintners pay a lot of attention to keep the impact on the environment low. They avoid the use of pesticides and other chemicals as much as possible. Some of our vintners are certified bio-vintners. In addition, we offer a wide range of selected vegan wines to our customers.

In their cellars, our vintners devote themselves to a careful and slow vinification of their wines. They balance traditional winemaking techniques with modern equipment. Instead of chemical methods to improve the taste of the wine, they trust the power of nature and their experience and skills to produce natural and outstanding wines.

The founder and CEO of World of Boutique Wines GmbH is Jan Kreutz. As wine enthusiast and pasionate traveller, he has seen many of Europe's and Germany's vineyards, met hundreds of vintners and tried countless wines. He has studied at the British Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET). Since summer 2014 he is a WSET certified wine expert. In July 2015 he has finished the professional training for wine tourism and received a certificate as wine and cultural ambasador for German wines. In spring 2016 he received a certificate as VDP wine expert, qualifying him to present many of Germany's top vintners and wines. As specialist for German wines, he regularly offers seminars on German wines, explaining the difference in character, terroir and stile of Germanies top wines.