Vineyard Albert Kallfelz

outstanding Rieslings from the Mosel for good value

Albert Kallfelz is one of the top Riesling producers worldwide, decorated with numerous national and international awards. His extremely steep slate vineyards on the Mosel provide perfect conditions for elegant Rieslings with the perfect balance of fruitiness, minerality and freshness.


Albert Kallfelz has promoted his family vineyards to a leading Riesling producer. His family has produced wines for more than hundred years. Today, it is one of the biggest and most successful vineyards at the Mosel. Albert Kallfelz follows a clear philosophy: “Wines from an individualist for individualists”.

The perfect symbiosis of soils, climate, the Riesling grape, and a lot of careful labour has resulted in unique Rieslings. Kallfelz wines have a very intense minerality, whilst being light, refreshing and fruity. As opposed to other Mosel vintners, Kallfelz keeps acid levels in his wines low, ensuring very agreeable wines.


Amongst others, Albert Kallfelz’ wines won the international Riesling Grand Prix three times, Gold at the 2013 Riesling du Monde competition in Strasbourg, and several gold medals at the Mundus Vini wine competition. In Germany, he has won the prize for best Riesling 13 times. Despite this success, he never yielded the temptation to increase the very fair prices for his wines.

wines from the vineyard Kallfelz

Riesling Gutswein


A very good Riesling for every day. The grapes grow on steep Mosel slate hills. This Riesling is aromatic and has an elegant fruitiness. It has an intense minerality, complemented by aromas of green apple and citrus fruit. It is a good wine to accompany your meals, notably fish, chicken, and salads.


Riesling Hochgewächs Selection


This is a very powerful, fruity and refreshing Riesling. As a Hochgewächs and selection wine, it follows the highest quality criteria. This results in a very round, balanced, and elegant wine, full of complex flavours. Fresh minerality complements the fruity flavours of pears, peaches and lemon. The wine has a very long and impressive finish. It is a good partner for fine fish and seafood dishes as well as chicken.


Riesling Hochgewächs Selection off-dry


This wine shows a great balance of acidity, fruitiness, minerality and a slight hint of sweetness. This Riesling combines youthful freshness and a full body. It presents itself with aromas of peach and ripe fruit. Only hand selected grapes of the highest quality are used for this Hochgewächs. This wine works well with Asian food, such as wok dishes, Thai curry and sushi.




Riesling Spätlese Selection - Merler Stephansberg


This premium late harvest Riesling is a great representative of the Mosel wines. It is full of minerality and it is complex, whilst being very elegant. It has an intense aromas of stone fruit, has spicy notes and is full bodied. This wine is a good companion for luxurious seafood, fish, chicken and pork dishes with white sauces.




Riesling Spätlese Selection - Merler Stephansberg – medium-sweet


This very special Riesling has been harvested very late, resulting in plenty of sun in the glass and the unique slate minerality. It has intense flavours of ripe apricots and mirabelle. Its sweetness is well balanced with acidity, making it a light and refreshing wine, while having a very full body. It can be drunk as aperitif or digestive, but is best placed with desserts which are not too sweet, such as fruit salads and ice cream.




Urgestein Selection - Merler Fettgarten - luscious


This outstanding dessert wine is grown on the very steep Merler Fettgarten vineyard. It is made of hand selected grapes, which have been affected a lot by botrytis. This outstanding Riesling is full of concentrated minerality, complemented by noble fruit aromas. The sweetness is very well balanced by acidity, resulting in a rich, complex and very dense wine. The Urgestein wines are only created in the very best vintages.

The Kallfelz vineyard is located in Zell-Merl, directly at the Mosel:

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