Vineyard Zwölberich

organic wines of international standing

The winery Zwölberich has been growing top quality, organic wines for over 20 years. The vineyard is famous for its selection of very high quality alcohol-free grape juices and alcohol-free seccos. Here you also find a wide variety of excellent wines for environmentally-conscious customers. The vineyard was named best International organic vineyard in 2014.

Zwölberich vines grow on some of the Nahe’s best vineyards: Langenlonsheimer Steinchen, Langenlonsheimer Koenigsschild, Langenlonsheimer Loehrer Berg, Guldentaler Honigberg and Guldentaler Rosenteich. The terroir is very diverse, including gravel terraces, loam soils, sand and red iron-rich soils. Each bottle of Zwölberich is unique and the numbers of bottles produced are very limited. For the premium wines, each wine is individually numbered.


Selective harvesting, very careful processing, and time allowed for natural maturing ensure aromatic wines. In the Zwölberich vineyard, twelve different types of grapes are planted: Riesling, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and St. Laurent, amongst others.


Their speciality is alcohol-free, halal grape juices and Seccos. The grapes for these products receive the same careful treatment as for Zwölberich’s best wines. They are pure juices, freshly and painstakingly prepared from only one grape variety. With their rich bouquet and light tartness they are the ideal alcohol-free accompaniment to any meal.

alcohol free products of Zwölberich


Alcohol-free sparkling Rosé Secco (halal)


This sparkling grape juice is the perfect alternative to clink glasses for all those who do not wish to drink alcohol. It is produced from high quality red grapes, which have been carefully selected. For the production, carbon dioxide is added to the grape juice, no alcohol is produced during this process – this Secco is halal. This Secco is best served as an aperitif as well as to light and fruity dishes.


Portugieser grape juice (halal)


This alcohol-free, light red grape juice is produced from best grapes from the Portugieser variety. It has elegant aromas of sour cherry, currant and strawberry, complemented by flavours of lychee and ripe honeydew melon. This grape juice is a very good aperitif for all those not drinking any alcohol, but also works as partner for starters and poultry dishes.


Kerner grape juice (halal)


Grapes from the Kerner variety are used for this alcohol-free white grape juice, giving it a golden yellow colour. It has aromas of almond blossoms, pineapple and mangos. On the pallet these are accompanied by ripe honeydew melon, peach and mango flavours. This grape juice is a good partner for salads, soups, starters, Asian wok dishes and sushi.


Riesling grape juice (halal)


This alcohol-free Riesling grape juice is a very good food partner for all those not drinking alcohol. It is comparable with a light, off-dry white wine, with the difference that it is alcohol-free. It has aromas of lime, green apple and ripe apricots. The flavours of this grape juice are white peach, banana and gooseberry. It works well with fish, poultry and vegetable dishes.

wines from Zwölberich




This Silvaner wine from the Langenlohnsheimer vineyard is a light, refreshing and pleasant white wine. It has aromas of pears and yellow plums, which is complimented by its aromatic taste of white peach. The wine is best suited for lighter dishes, salads, and other starters as well as asparagus.

Pinot Gris Kabinett


This fruity, well-structured and medium bodied Pinot Gris has a lot of similarities with Premium Alsatian wines, rather than the Italian Pinot Grigio style. On the nose, aromas of vanilla and bloomy violet dominate. On the palate you will taste gooseberry and pineapple. The wine is a good partner for powerful seafood and fish dishes as well as poultry and pork dishes with light sauces.


Riesling Spätlese ‚Old Vines‘ - Langenlonsheimer Steinchen


This Riesling is for those special occasions. It is powerful, medium bodied, while elegant and delicate. On the nose, it presents notes of citrus, mango, peaches, apples, herbs and fresh hay aromas. This wine won the “Top Gold” price at the International Organic Wine Award. The wine is the ideal partner to special fish dishes, such as pan-fried sole.



Rosé ‚Summer Fresh‘


This salmon-coloured Rosé is a very playful wine, with alluring aromas. It has an intense bouquet of strawberries, cherries, and lilac, which is enhanced by the taste of redcurrants, when drunk. The wine is best suited for light dishes, such as salads, pan-fried fish, as well as light desserts.




This powerful, juicy, and very harmonious red wine entails soft tannins. It has intensive, complex, and diverse aromas from the fruits of the forest. Regent is a grape variety which is largely resistant against any form of pests. The wine is an excellent partner for heavy meat dishes with powerful sauces, roasts and steaks.


Riesling sparkling wine Goldcuvée


This sparkling wine is truly sparkling: inside of the bottle swim little pieces of 23 karat beaten gold, making it a very unique product. Only the best grapes are used for the Goldcuvée. This very special sparkling wine is dry, yet fruity, has a good harmony and long finale. It is the perfect aperitif for special occasions.

The vineyard Zwölberich is based in Langenlonsheim, in the north of the Nahe region (see map below).

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