Vineyard Ernst Bretz

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The vineyard Bretz is the perfect choice for open wines in restaurants. Here you find a large selection of excellent, yet affordable wines, including litre wines. It is with good reason that this vineyard was awarded best vineyard in Germany by the wine magazine 'Selection' in 2015.

The vineyard Bretz has been family-run in Bechtolsheim, in the heart of Rheinhessen, since 1721. Today, the vineyards and cellar are tended by Horst and Harald Bretz, who work very carefully and with specific emphasis on top quality and environmentally-friendly practices in the vineyard. The vineyard Bretz has a large selection of different grape varieties and wine styles. Here, you will find the matching wine for every dish.

The high quality of the Bretz wines is regularly confirmed by its rankings in numerous wine competitions. Horst Bretz was awarded Vintner of the Year in 2013. Apart from winning first place from the trade magazine “Selection” as best vineyard in 2015, Bretz also received the second best result at the national wine competition of the DLG (the German Association for Agriculture). Bretz wines are also received outstanding results at the German Red Wine Prize 2015.

wines from the Bretz vineyard

Müller-Thurgau (1l bottle)

This Müller-Thurgau is mature and very palatable Qualitätswein, with pleasant aromas of nutmeg and blackcurrant. It is characterised by a classy, subtle bouquet, and a modest sweetness and low acidity. The wine is an excellent partner to white meat dishes, fish dishes, and vegetables.

Müller-Thurgau Kabinett medium-sweet (1l bottle)

This is a mature wine whose aromas resemble ripe redcurrants. It is characterised by a vivacious but subtle bouquet and a withholding sweetness. This wine can be matched with poultry, pork and vegetable dishes, as well as salads.

Portugieser (1l bottle)

This velvety, soft red wine presents as a light, fruity and appetising wine, with a pleasant yet withholding acidity. It presents with aromas of redcurrant and fruits of the forest. This enjoyable red wine is an ideal everyday wine, notably with meat, vegetable, and cold dishes.

Riesling off-dry (1l bottle)

This white wine is an all-round pleasing Riesling, with a light and withholding acidity. It stands out through its delicate bouquet and a pleasantly light sweetness. This is an uncomplicated partner to meals, especially Asian dishes cooked in the wok, as well as omelettes, cheese and pies.

Portugieser Rosé medium-sweet (1l bottle)

This wine presents as a soft, lightly fruity wine with aromas of redcurrants and has a pleasant yet withholding acidity. It is fruity and full-bodied. This soft Rosé can be enjoyed on the terrace and can also be paired with salads, as well as grilled and Mediterranean dishes.

Dornfelder (1l bottle)

This vibrant Dornfelder wins over even the most demanding of wine drinkers. The bouquet is characterised by ripe berry aromas. It is a delightful wine with a charming softness and low acidity. This aromatic wine is a good all-round partner with meals, such as sausage dishes, roasts, and pasta.


This Müller-Thurgau is lively, vivacious, fresh, and fruity. It has enjoyable aromas of redcurrant and nutmeg. The wine has a withholding sweetness and is low in acidity. This wine is served best to white meat, fish and vegetable dishes.

Pinot Gris - Bechtolsheimer Petersberg

This fruity, elegant Pinot Gris has a distinct aroma, with a light fruit taste in the foreground. It presents with a hint of apple and quince, which gives it its lovely freshness. This wine is best served with sea fish, poultry, fresh cheese, and steamed vegetables.

Müller-Thurgau Kabinett - Bechtolsheimer Petersberg – off-dry

This low-acidity white wine has a perfumed bouquet of green apple and nutmeg. It is a nice balance between dryness and sweetness, which is perfect to round off a meal. The wine is ideal with light meat, fish, and vegetable dishes.

Portugieser Rosé - BechtolsheimerPetersberg

This fruity, playful Rosé is perfect for a day at the pool or on the terrace. It has a withholding acidity and aromas of red berries. This wine is best drunk while sitting outside, but must be well chilled. It is a good partner for steamed vegetables, fish, and light meat dishes.

Blanc de Noir (Pinot Noir)

This nearly white wine is made from red Pinot Noir grapes. It is a fresh and fruity wine. Its aromas awake memories of ripe melon. This is the perfect pool and terrace wine. It best suits steamed vegetables, poultry, and fish dishes.


This velvety Merlot is enjoyably soft and presents tastes of plum. It resembles the juicy, fruity, and soft Merlots from the South of France. This wine suits a diverse number of dishes, including meat, vegetables, and pasta.

Pinot Noir Auslese

This dry Auslese from Pinot Noir grapes is a precious rarity. It presents with extremely complex aromas, depth, and density and is particularly harmonious. The aromas are predominantly red fruits of the forest, cherries, and a light nut note. This premium red wine is the perfect partner for fine dining experiences, notably game dishes and prime cuts of beef.

Riesling - Bechtolsheimer Petersberg

This wine is an expressive, vivacious, yet harmonious Riesling with a pleasant acidity and tart fruit tastes. It has complex aromas of lime, lemon, and green apple. As a table wine, it best suits fish dishes, asparagus, and white meat dishes.

Pinot Blanc - Bechtolsheimer Petersberg

This pleasing white wine is a classic dry wine. It is a light, lively, vivacious, and very fruity wine. Its aromas resemble ripe apricots. This charming partner is best served to fish and white meat dishes.

Bacchus sweet

This exceptionally, fruity white wine presents with mild yet elegant fruit aromas and bouquet. It has a pleasant aroma with balanced sweetness and low acidity. It partners well with aromatic, spicy, and fruity dishes as well as desserts.

Pinot Noir Rosé off-dry

This elegant Rosé is delicately fruity and brings up reminders of ripe fruits of the forest. It balances sweetness and acidity well, making it a wholly enjoyable wine to drink. It is ideal to enjoy as an aperitif, as a terrace wine or to light meals.

Dornfelder - BechtolsheimerPetersberg

This powerful Dornfelder convinces even the most demanding wine drinker. Its bouquet is characterised by ripe berry aromas. It is a charming, nobly, soft wine, with low acidity. It is the perfect partner for white and red meat dishes.

Pinot Noir Spätlese

This noble Pinot Noir late harvest is the perfect wine for connoisseurs. It is soft, complex, and very harmonious. It presents with aromas of fruits of the forest, almonds and ripe fruits. This noble wine is perfect for filets, steaks, and game dishes.

Riesling Auslese ‘Cold Harvest’ luscious

This unusual dessert wine has the quality of an Ice wine. It presents with crisp aromas of tropical fruits, honey, and spice. Its acidity and luscious sweetness allow for the perfect balance to be brought to the forefront. The wine is a delicious aperitif and best suits fruity, chocolate-based, and sweet desserts, as well as blue cheese.

The vineyard of Bretz is located in Bechtolsheim, in the centre of Rheinhessen, around 50km southwest of Frankfurt:

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