Vineyard Weinzimmer

the insider's tip for outstanding white and red wines

Based in Rheinhessen, Weinzimmer offers a large selection of exceptional wines. A high standard of quality is of upmost importance to the Zimmer family. They also place a lot of value on handling the grapes in an as environmentally-friendly and natural way as possible. They ensure that each wine is unique and distinct. The wines from Weinzimmer are produced as vegan wines and are V-Label certified.

wines from Weinzimmer



This Chardonnay has a creamy acidity, matched with subtle residual sugar. It is a very harmonious wine, with ripe apple and melon on the nose. The wine best suits terrines, fish, mussels, pan-fried white meat, vegetable dishes, and aromatic cheese.

Pinot Gris


This delicate Pinot Gris has a mild acidity but powerful taste. Its aromas bring forth memories of honey-dew melon. It is an all-rounder that befits any occasion. This wine is best served to lighter dishes, such as grilled fish, vegetables, as well as game and roasts.

Sauvignon Blanc


This Sauvignon Blanc presents beautiful notes of gooseberry and kiwi. Its light creaminess makes this wine a delight to drink and creates the desire for a second and third glass. Served chilled, this wine is the ideal partner for light dishes, such as salads, steamed vegetables, fish and seafood, as well as spicy wok dishes and Asian curries.



This Riesling has a delicate aroma of peach and citrus fruit. Its pleasant acidity promises an enjoyable experience, which you will happily remember for a long time to come. This wine is the ideal partner for poultry and pork dishes served with a light sauce, salads, and vegetables.



Riesling off-dry


This Riesling plays with its acidity to provide a balanced and harmonious wine. It presents delicate aromas of peach and apricot. This tantalizing wine awakes your senses! This wine is the perfect match for starters with fresh cheese or goat’s cheese, steamed fish, and vegetables.





This Merlot is velvety and full-bodied. It has delicate vegetal aromas, such as green paprika as well as powerful earthy notes. It has a deep colour and balanced tannins. This wine should be served to roasts, as well as grilled meat and vegetables.

Pinot Noir


This Pinot Noir presents beautiful notes of cherries, strawberries, and blackcurrants. It has pronounced but soft tannins as well as a mild acidity. It has great ageing potential. This wine is best served with roasts, lamb, game, and aromatic cheese.

Red wine cuvée Otto


This harmonious Cuvée shines above the rest due to its complex aromas of sour cherry, tobacco, and strawberry, as well as its delicate woodiness. This Cuvée consists of Cabernet-Sauvignon and Dornfelder. It is best suited to lamb, game, and roast beef.

The vineyard Weinzimmer is located in Eimsheim, in the centre of Rheinhessen, around 50km southwest of Frankfurt:

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